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Former Prime Minister raises concerns over the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia as it worsens

Social NewsFormer Prime Minister raises concerns over the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia as...

The Covid-19 pandemic in India had reach a point whereby the deceased are brought out of the hospital to be cremated. However, the situation in Malaysia is not that great as compared to the other countries too.

Recently, Malaysia has reported at least 6,000 Covid-19 cases for 3 consecutive days and the former Prime Minister, Najib Razak has expressed his concerns on the effectiveness of the SOP in place.

He took it to his Facebook page and commented “In terms of population, the number of new confirmed Covid-19 cases in Malaysia has surpassed India a few days ago. But what’s more worrisome is the bed counts in the intensive care units (ICU).”


In addition, the Ministry of Health (MOH) reported an increase in patients admitted to ICT and the rate of admission has increase significant compared to previously. He pointed out that there were 187 critically ill Covid-19 patients as of 11 January when the government declared an emergency. However, there were a total of 587 patients admitted to ICU two days ago (20 May).

He noted that the Malaysian Armed Forces took two weeks to build the Kepala Batas Field Hospital to increase the capacity of the ICU. However, the completed facility provides only 27 beds and the ICU admission yesterday (21 May) was 57 people.

“If the demand for beds in the intensive care unit soars faster than the capacity to increase beds, how can we survive?” he said.

He added that if only 0.5% of the situation of the current patients suddenly get worse and require intensive treatment, there are already 261 patients. He then questions on where should these patients be placed.

On the other hand, as the Covid-19 situation in Malaysia continues to worsen, the beds in the Quarantine and Low-Risk Treatment Centre (PKRC) are reaching its limits. A large number of oxygen tanks were placed at these places for patients who are in critically condition and have breathing difficulties.

In order to treat more patients, the PKRC 2.0 in Serdang Agricultural Expo (MAEPS) had increased 600 beds to accommodate patients who are required to be quarantined. It is reported that the center has an average of 600 new patients every single day, and at its peak, 1,800 patients were admitted in one day.

In addition to the comment from the Selangor Health Department, the center is facing significant challenges due to the surge in the number of patients. The initially planned 1,000 beds a few days ago are no longer enough to cope with the surge of patients in these two days. Hence, the staff had added 600 more beds in the quarantine center.

Even so, we, Malaysians, should be responsible adults and comply with the SOP imposed to keep the situation under control. Stay at home and stay safe.

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