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Aman-Palestine NGO under fire after Netizens check its SSM records

Social NewsAman-Palestine NGO under fire after Netizens check its SSM records

The recent open fire between Israel and Palestine was a tragic incident and many have condemn Israel for their actions which goes against the International Human Rights standards.

As to show our support to the Palestine people, Malaysians had contributed their savings to aid the people who suffered from the conflict. There are several channels that Malaysians can donate to the Palestinians and the non-governmental organisations (NGO) are here to make the process easier.

Aman-Palestine is one of the NGOs that many Malaysians prefer. Despite that, a netizen, named Aliff Ahmad went on to do some background check on the said NGO before he donates his hard earn money to them.

Source: Facebook

To his surprise, Aman-Palestine (AM) was a register limited liability company in SSM!

As he wasn’t so sure about whether is his allowable, he continued investigating into the AM.

He then went into Interepo and he found that AM’s last submitted financial returns was in year 2015. Being skeptical, he went to SSM and confirmed that his findings was true. The last submitted returns of AM was indeed in year 2015.

What he found next was even shocking. He said that according to the financial report for the year 2015, AM made a collection of RM23.0 million and they spent RM4.5 million on administrative expenses. This is almost 20% of the donation collected.

Source: Facebook

Despite the reported numbers in year 2015, he is fine that if AM were to spend heavily on administrative expenses, as they were collecting their member’s money prior to year 2019.

However, as of now, AM is collecting the donation from the public and no proper reporting was done to ensure that the money donate is for its intended purpose.

In addition to that, the netizen consulted his friend, who is a qualified accountant, and he commented that a transparent NGO should have disclosed their expenses in detail, for example, the trustee fees, the remuneration package of the CEO and the upper management.

Finally, he leave the discussion open for the public to evaluate whether AM’s practice is acceptable.

What do you think about this? Share your thoughts!

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