Thursday, March 30, 2023

Jeram ADUN is offering RM1,000 to RM3,000 for RM1 note with this Signature

Social NewsJeram ADUN is offering RM1,000 to RM3,000 for RM1 note with this...

This is some great news for those who had collected old RM1 notes.

Jeram ADUN, Mohd Shaid Rosli has a hobby of collecting old Malaysia bank notes. Recently, he made an offer on Facebook while he was searching a bank note with the 6th Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) Gabenor, Tan Sri Dr Ali Abul Hassan Sulaiman signature on the note.

In his Facebook post, he wrote “Check your RM1 notes now. If you have one with the same signature, I’ll buy it from you with RM1,000.”

“If the note is in good condition, I’ll buy it with RM2,000.”

“If it is in perfect condition with no crease, I’ll buy it with RM3,000.” he said.

Source: Facebook

In another Facebook post, Shaid explained that it has almost been 20 years ever since he started his collection. He even shared that this hobby can help u make a fortune too. A friend of his had been making RM10,000 a month from just dealing with old bank notes.

Meanwhile, netizens found this interesting and some even shared their collection of old bank notes.

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

Are there any items that you collect? Share it below!

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