Sunday, March 26, 2023

Malaysian Hacktivist Group allegedly hacked into 5,000 Israeli CCTVs

Social NewsMalaysian Hacktivist Group allegedly hacked into 5,000 Israeli CCTVs

After suspects linked to the Anonymous Malaysia were arrested, another group of Hacktivists, who goes by the name DragonForce Malaysia is now rising and taking over the the social media.

Yesterday (18 May), DragonForce Malaysia had took it to Facebook, announcing that they had hacked into various Israeli CCTV networks, including residences and government agencies.

They even shared various scenes of Israeli citizens in their homes.


In their Facebook post, they wrote “Hello, Israhell. More than 5,000 CCTVs were hacked including top government and top-secret buildings. We are closer than you think. Pictures compromise of CCTVs and SCADAs.”

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

DragonForce Malaysia describe themselves as an organisation formed for fighting for Malaysia’s rights, while their scope is limited to only “Movement of Malaysians”. The operation to hack Israeli CCTVs are carried out under OpsBedil, which translates to Rifle Operation, as the situation between Israel-Palestine escalates.

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