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KKM tags MKN after Malaysians requested for Full MCO in Selangor

The Covid-19 situation in Malaysia continues to increase even though the Movement Control Order (MCO) had been implemented across the nation. The situation continues to be worrisome and as Selangor continues to house the most daily cases, Selangorians are demanding a full MCO in the state.

This came after the Health Minister, Datuk Seri Dr Adham Baba had suggested that a tighter SOP or a full MCO to be implemented in Selangor if the state fails to curb the Covid-19 virus.

After KKM announced the numbers for the day, Selangorians turned worrisome and requested KKM to implement a full MCO to avoid the situation being worsen. Surprisingly, instead of replying the netizen’s comments, KKM tagged he National Security Council’s Twitter account (MKN).

Source: Twitter

Dear KKM, please implement a total lockdown like MCO 1.0 before we are paralysed with overwhelming cases. From one of the frontliners, please advise the Government.

Source: Twitter

Just implement a total lockdown so cases will reduce and stabilise the situation. As it is, the situation will be prolonged as there are many who do not listen to advices.

After a series of tagging from KKM, netizens started to suspect that there were internal dramas between the different departments of the Government. However, KKM had soon clarified that the purpose of the tagging was to raise this matter to MKN during their discussion and find a solution to it.

Despite the calls from Selangorians, MKN has yet to respond to this matter. However, Malaysians were speculating that there could be a huge announcement from MKN soon.

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