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PDRM decides to issue RM2k compound to Police Officer’s Wife after she visited him at road block on Hari Raya

During the festive seasons, it is understandable that we would want to gather with our loved ones even if it is for a short period before we head back to our individual lives.

A woman, together with her children had visited her husband, a police officer who’s on duty at a roadblock in Putrajaya on the Hari Raya Aidilfitri holidays. The photo went viral on social media and many had called for the authorities to investigate the incident.

According to Bernama, Putrajaya district police chief, ACP Mohd Fadzil Ali refuted the claims two days back (15 May) that this is a violation of the SOPs given that the wife and children were there to give moral support to the police officer and to give him raya dishes too.

Source: Utusan

Despite his explanations, he took back his words today (17 May) and said that there was in fact a breach of SOPs and that the wife of the police officer has been compounded RM2,000.

According to The Star, Mohd Fadzil said that the wife visit of her husband at a roadblock was a violation of Regulation number 21 (PU a 225/20212) Hari Raya Aidilfitri visits (No. 21 other offences under the SOP prescribed the National Security Council) of the Emergency (Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases)(Amendment) Ordinance 2021. Hence, the very act of the wife to visit her husband at the roadblock was seen as a violation of MCO SOPs.

He commented “At first, the wife’s action was seen as a spouse’s responsibility to provide moral support for her on-duty husband by bringing him delicacies during the morning of Hari Raya,”

Source: FMT

“However, public interest trumps individual interest and the police do not want such acts to be made into excuses by other families of those on duty, whether it is on Hari Raya or normal days,” he added.

In addition to that, he said “We will not compromise on SOP violations and will take action against those responsible regardless of whether they are civilians or police personnel.”

Responding to this, netizens urge that the officers to show more mercy and at least give him a warning so that this will never happen again. On the other hand, some praised Mohd Fadzil for his professionalism while handling the case, despite it being cruel to issue a fine.


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