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MyBurgerLab receives Warning from PDRM after Staff eats in Store before Shift

The SOP for the Movement Control Order (MCO) 3.0 does state that there dine-in in restaurants are prohibited. However, it does not state that staff of the restaurant are not allowed to dine-in too.

Yesterday (16 May), MyBurgerLab had shared that they were about to get a RM25,000 fine by the police officers on patrol for allegedly not complying to the SOP. MyBurgerLab intend to share their experience from the incident to everybody so as to remind other business owners to be aware that things like these can happen to them too.

According to MyBurgerLab, a police officer on patrol happened to see one of the restaurant’s staff eating in-store before his shift started. One of the co-founders of MyBurgerLab, Renyi Chin said that the staff was having his meal at the table at 5.15 p.m. and his shift starts at 5.30 p.m.

As the police officer saw someone who’s not in the restaurant’s staff outfit, he requested for MyBurgerLab’s SSM documents and might issue a compound of RM25,000.

Renyi Chin commented it is already difficult for local businesses to keep afloat, while on the other hand, the authorities are so unsympathetic when it comes to enforcing the SOP.

He then questioned whether should his staff hide in a corner to eat.

On the next day, MyBurgerLab has updated their post can commented that they were issued a warning after they are able to present the letter of employment and evidence for his schedule for that day’s dinner shift.

Despite that, there are still no solid guidelines on whether staff can eat in store during breaks.

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