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Girl in Kedah found dead after attending a Private Party

NewsGirl in Kedah found dead after attending a Private Party

A 17 year-old girl was found dead at a rubber plantation in Pokok Pauh Dalam, Mukim Lesong, Kedah. Her body was found by the nearby residents on Tuesday (12 May) and she was believed to be murdered after attending a private party on Sunday night (9 May) to Monday morning prior to her death.

As reported by Harian Metro, Kota Setar District Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Ahmad Shukri Mat Akhir said the teen’s body was found on the night of the incident after they receive a report about her went missing. Her body was then taken to Sultanah Bahiyah Hospital (HSB) Forensic Department for an autopsy.

The victim was identified as Ooi Phei Xuan from Pekan Air Hitam, Jitra.

Source: Harian Metro

Her mother was called in to the hospital to identify the victim yesterday (13 May) before the autopsy is conducted on the next day.

Ahmad Shukri said that there were several injuries on the victim’s body, including a wound in the victim’s right front thigh measuring 1.5 centimeters.

Responding to the matter, Ahmad Shukri said that eight individuals aged between 13 and 33 who attended the private party were arrested on Wednesday afternoon (12 May) by the Criminal Investigation Division, Kota Setar District Police Headquarters after they were suspected to be involved in the case.

The police later arrested another man at Taman Derga Jaya as well to assist in the investigation.

Source: ChinaPress

Further investigations shows that out of the nine detainees, one tested positive for ketamine after undergoing a urine test.

Meanwhile, all the suspects were taken into custody by PDRM for six days until 18 May to assist in the investigation.

“Investigations are still underway to find out the truth of the incident,” Ahmad Shukri said. The case is being investigated under Section 302 of the Penal Code for murder too.

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