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MOH will introduce a Covid-19 self-test kit to Malaysians soon

The Health director-general, Tan Sri Noor Hisham Abdullah has recently in a press conference said that the public will be able to do a quick Covid-19 self-test with test kits approved by the Ministry of Health (MOH).

He added MOH is in the midst of identifying companies that would be supplying the test kits and the apparatus. In addition to that, the test kits will be required to be registered with the Medical Device Authority (MDA).

The test kits that MOH has identified will use the deep throat saliva sampling method.

“The Institute for Medical Research (IMR) had conducted tests on the kits that have been developed by two different companies,” he told Malay Mail.

Based on the IMR’s evaluation, the deep throat saliva test had a sensitivity of 96.67% and 100% specificity. Furthermore, it is safe and non-invasive while being compared to sampling with the “nasopharyngeal” and the “oropharyngeal” swab through the nose and mouth.

Responding to the fact that if an individual was tested positive during the self-test, Noor Hisham said that the person would still be required to go for further examination at a MOH facility.

While looking at other countries, many other countries have introduced similar test kits to the public. Generally, the kits comes with cotton swabs and tubes. After one have collected their deep throat saliva, they only need to put them into the kit as the prescribed method and wait for about 30 minutes.

Source: Malay Mail

If two lines appear, it means that the person is tested positive, meanwhile a line meant that the result is negative or invalid.

As Noor Hisham previously said, to perform sample collection and testing on such a large scale is a difficult task for the frontliners, given that our medical facilities are reaching the limits.

In any case, if these test kits were introduced, those who wish to do a quick test can opt for this. This will relief the burden on the frontliners too!


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