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Gardenia allegedly dumped 6 tonnes of food illegally in Hulu Selangor

NewsGardenia allegedly dumped 6 tonnes of food illegally in Hulu Selangor

Wasting food is bad habit and if it’s done in a large scale, it pollutes the environment too.

As reported by Oriental Daily, Gardenia has allegedly dumped 6 tonnes of food illegally near Sungai Chik, Hulu Selangor last year October. The amount of rubbish dumped can be stacked up to 2 hills.

After receiving reports from the residents near, reporters from Oriental Daily made visit to the site, while being led by the residents. The hills of rubbish had been giving out foul smell and it is causing massive environment pollution.

Source: Youtube

It is believed that Gardenia had dumped yellow noodles and bread, which are estimated to weight around 6 tonnes.

As the rubbish was not treated properly, they start to decay and rot. In addition to releasing foul smell, the rubbish were being washed away into the rivers and it is causing massive pollution in the area.

The residents said that they had lodge a report to Hulu Selangor Land and District Office, however, the department referred this matter to Hulu Selangor District Irrigation and Drainage Department and inform that they will update the residents should there be any updates.

Source: Youtube

Despite that, 6 months have passed and there were no updates from any of the department. Given no choice, the residents brought this matter up the media and seek for help from the authorities.

Watch the full interview here:

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