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MOE finally responded to Ain’s case, stating that appropriate action will be taken

Social NewsMOE finally responded to Ain's case, stating that appropriate action will be...

After weeks since the first complaint that Ain lodge against her physical education (PE) teacher for making an inappropriate joke, the Ministry of Education (MOE) has finally release a statement to clarify the several matters revolving this case.

Responding to the Ain’s complaint, the Ministry acknowledged that Ain has lodge a police report on 24 April 2021 and since the incident is still under police investigation, MOE decide not to release any statement during this period.

As for now, the PE teacher who made the inappropriate joke has been placed under the Selangor State Education Department until the investigation finishes. The action to be taken on the PE teacher will depend on the results of the investigation.

Source: Sarawakvoice

On the second matter, a school principal had called Ain “anak setan” or “Satan’s spawn” while responding to her calls for action to be taken on the teacher. While netizens were calling her out to apologize for her comment, her Facebook account had been deactivated.

The Ministry said that they had confirmed that a police report was lodge by the principal as she denied that the comment was made by her. She claimed that her account was hacked and the irresponsible party has made the comment.

Source: Facebook

Lastly, responding to the warning letter issued to Ain, the Ministry said that student’s attendance is monitored through the Sistem Sahsiah Diri Murid (SSDM) and if a student had been absent for three to ten consecutive days without a written notice, a warning letter will be generated automatically by the system. The letter will then be sent to the student’s parents or guardian.

They added that this is to ensure that parents and the school management are aware of the student’s attendance in school. This allows MOE to carry out proper actions.

MOE wishes to clarify that the Ministry will always prioritize the safety and welfare of students, as well as the entire school community.

Read the MOE’s statement here!


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