Thursday, February 2, 2023

KerajaanGagal, Malaysians are vandalising the Melaka River to show their frustrations

Social NewsKerajaanGagal, Malaysians are vandalising the Melaka River to show their frustrations

Following the announcement by the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin on 10 May for the implementation of the nationwide Movement Control Order (MCO), several graffiti writing “Kerajaan Gagal” appeared on the walls at the Melaka River.

The graffiti was found by authorities on the next day (11 May) at 10 morning and they have took it to Facebook to condemn the actions of these people.


The graffiti reminds us about the hashtag, #KerajaanGagal which has once being trending on Twitter. Many Twitter users have used this hashtag to vent their dissatisfaction and anger towards the Malaysian Government. Particularly in the issue where the government failed to implement effective policies to combat Covid-19 and restoring Malaysian’s lifestyle.

Source: Twitter

In any case, the authorities quickly covered the graffiti with white paint, restoring the walls to their previous look.

The authorities said, “There are about 8 walls being vandalised. Our team of 8 were instructed to clean up the walls. At the same time, we sent staff to check whether there are the same graffiti nearby.”

Source: Facebook

They commented that if people want to express their dissatisfaction with the government, they can use the right channels instead of destroying public property.

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