Friday, January 27, 2023

#StandWithAin, Malaysians are supporting this Girl who stood up against Rape Jokes

Social News#StandWithAin, Malaysians are supporting this Girl who stood up against Rape Jokes

Ain Husniza is the teenager behind the #MakeSchoolASaferPlace movement and she has lodged a complaint about a teacher making rape jokes during her physical education (PE) class.

The case has went viral and she has gain the attention of many parties. However, the authorities were not taking this seriously and have not taken any actions against the PE teacher. To make things worse, Ain even receive rape threats from her classmates.

Despite that, Malaysians have show their support for her and praise her for her courage to voice out regarding taboo issues. Just yesterday (9 May), she was slapped with a warning letter from her school stating that she can be expelled for not attending school over a period of three days.

To her surprise, it was the very same day that her father had actually met the school principal and the school principal had expressed her support for Ain, and this is not a way to show her support. Ain took the matter to Twitter and expressed her disappointment in their actions.

Even so, Malaysians continue to show their support to Ain with the hashtag #StandWithAin as they request appropriate action to be taken against the PE teacher and the student who threaten to rape her.

At this point, the Education Ministry (MOE) has not released any announcement regarding her complaints despite the public’s urge for the MOE to taken action.

What do you think about this? Share your support with #StandWithAin!

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