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2 Major Drug Cartels busted by PDRM, one was led by a “Datin”

News2 Major Drug Cartels busted by PDRM, one was led by a...

Two major drug cartels from Malaysia, “Datin Syndicate” and “Mat Yo” were being busted by the Kelantan police in a three day operation from 5 May to 8 May.

As reported by Bernama, 13 individuals has been detained by the police, which includes 4 Thai women. The Kelantan police has confiscated various types of drugs worth up to RM7 million in the operation too.

According to MalaysiaKini, one of the drug cartels allegedly hid behind a cosmetic business run by a female entrepreneur with a ‘Datin’ title.

Source: Berita Harian

Kelantan police chief, Datuk Shafien Mamat said that the police arrested a 32 year-old local man in an apartment in Kota Bharu after they found a plastic bag containing 14 packages of 84,000 Yaba pills. It is believed that the pills worth RM840,000 in total.

“Following the arrest, police raided a house in Tanah Merah the next day and arrested a 43-year-old Thai man,” 

“After an inspection, police found 378,000 Yaba pills, estimated to be worth RM3.78 million, at the premises.” he added.

He said that the 2 men were believed to be members of the “Mat Yo” drug cartel.

Source: Bernama

In a separate operation, Shafien said that the police also arrested 8 more individuals who are believed to be part of the “Datin syndicate”, including a Thai woman with the ‘Datin’ title.

During the raid of the “Datin syndicate”, the police had confiscated 180,000 Yaba pills valued at RM1.8 million and RM540,000 worth of nearly 15kg of syabu. Other items worth around RM300,000 were being confiscated too.

Several other items, such as cars, jewelry and watches have been confiscated as well, and they were estimated to worth around RM369,000.

Shafien said that the case is being investigated under Section 39B of the Dangerous Drugs Act and all individuals will be remanded for seven days from the date of arrest. With this operation, Shafien believe that it will cripple the distribution of drugs in Kelantan, Terengganu, and Pahang.

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