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KFC charges customer RM1 for “Add hope” and it went viral

Social NewsKFC charges customer RM1 for "Add hope" and it went viral

A netizen recently went to KFC as usual and things doesn’t seemed right when he checked his bill. He was puzzled by an item appeared on the bill and it states “AddHope 0.50”, which was included into the total of his bill.

KFC Add Hope was an initiative introduced by KFC to collect donations in-store to fund meals for undernourished children. However, as it wasn’t communicated properly to the customers, chances are high that most would misunderstand this extra charge.

The netizen shared his query on Facebook and unexpectedly, it started a war between all restaurant chains in Malaysia. On the next day while he check on his post, there were over 1,000 comments and shares on Facebook.

Source: Facebook

Some netizens commented that the cashier should make it clear that this extra amount is being charged to the bill, while some said that it was the customer’s responsibility to check the bill to ensure things are as per what they ordered.

On the other hand, the other restaurants had join the conversation and started a fight. Each of them commented that they were better than the other and pointed out many of their weakness too!

Foodpanda even joined the quarrel and urged all to stop arguing.

Read their comments below!

Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook
Source: Facebook

While everyone that the it will end there, McD posted this on the next day. It seems that they were serious about arguing with KFC and show that they were more superior.

Source: Facebook

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