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Ismail Sabri said those under Home Quarantine are now required to wear Digital Monitoring Devices

NewsIsmail Sabri said those under Home Quarantine are now required to wear...

In a National Security Council press conference on Tuesday (4 May), Defence Minister, Ismail Sabri said that those undergoing home quarantine, also known as Home Surveillance Order (HSO), must wear a device to track their movements starting next week.

However, he did not give any elaboration on the details.

Source: Telegram

This announcement was in line with the Ministry of Health’s (MOH) proposal to use electronic tracking devices, or tracking wristbands in this January.

At the time, Tan Sri Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah has only confirmed the proposal was made, yet there had been no confirmation on its works.

Frontliners were hoping for the adoption of such devices will give hospitals and other COVID-19 facilities breathing room from the surge in cases, as it ensures that patients and close contacts remained at home for their mandatory quarantine.

Source: Straits Times

This method was being implemented in several countries around the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea, and Singapore.

Ismail said that about 195,229 individuals have arrived at Malaysia’s border checkpoints since July last year. During this period, 8,664 people underwent mandatory quarantine in hotels and public facilities and 1,808 individuals were sent to hospitals for treatment.

Meanwhile, the remaining 184,757 individuals were allowed to undergo home quarantine. These include those who were suspected COVID-19 cases (persons under investigation) and confirmed COVID-19 patients with little to no symptoms.

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