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NAS Daily owns 2 Passports and Now Travels to Countries that have banned him from entering

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Nas Daily was barred from entering Malaysia for several reasons. Even so, he had made a few videos featuring Malaysia, from his video about Hassan Kontar, the refugee who was living in KLIA for six months to criticizing how terrible Malaysians park their car.

He even called Malaysia “The Forbidden Land” as he was barred from entering Malaysia for holding a Israeli passport and claims that it was due to political reasons. Despite that, he hopes that the 2 Governments will become friends and he will be free to travel to the country.

While it does not seemed that the 2 Governments are reaching an agreement soon, Nas Daily had found himself a way to get around this. Nas Daily had shared on TikTok that he has bought a passport from the Caribbean nation of Saint Kitts and Nevis and he is not free to travel to places he was not able to previously because of his Israeli passport.


Reply to @zacharykrishnan Guess how much this Passport cost me ? I’ll reply to the right guess !

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In his TikTok video, he said “I’m banned from visiting Malaysia, I am banned from Libya, I am banned from Oman. Because of my Israeli passport, I am banned from visiting 20 countries. So, you know what I did? I bought another passport from the Caribbeans, Saint Kitts and Nevis.”

“I became a Caribbean citizen and an Israeli citizen, and now, I can enter Malaysia, I can enter Libya, I can enter Oman, I can enter any country that I am banned from.”

Towards the end of the video, he said he will respond to those who’ve guess how long and how much money he spent on just the get the passport.

A netizen guessed that it took him 2 months and US$150,000 for the passport, which he admitted that it was very close.

Source: Facebook

While checking to the legality of dual citizenship, it noted that there is no outright ban for someone to hold 2 citizenships. It depends very much on the country that you are applying for, where some countries requires you to relinquish your current citizenship before you can apply for another citizenship, while the rest banned this practice.

Upon hearing this, Malaysians weren’t so happy and does not seem to welcome him to the country. Many urged the government to beware of him and stop him when he tries to enter our borders. There were some who worried that he may want to do to Malaysia.

Source: Facebook

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