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Malaysian Driver tries to run over RELA officer despite being in the wrong lane

Social NewsMalaysian Driver tries to run over RELA officer despite being in the...

We often see the People’s Volunteer Corps (RELA) officers helping out in maintain the traffic in schools, markets and various other places where traffic is terrible.

As reported by Oriental Daily, a BMW driver was believed to be dissatisfied while being stopped by a RELA officer when he drove into a road near a school. The incident happened at a front in front of a secondary school in Kota Kemuning at around 5.20 p.m. yesterday (6 May).

The incident was recorded by a netizen and later uploaded on social media. In the video, the RELA officer noticed that the BMW was driving into a one-way street and he immediately blocked the path with his body in an effort to stop the vehicle.

Source: Facebook

It is being reported that the road was turned into a one-way street during peak hours to ensure the student’s safety when leaving the school compound.

Despite being asked to reversed his vehicle, the BMW driver stepped on the gas pedal and move forward slowly, attempting to run over the RELA officer. On the other hand, the RELA officer refuse to budge while risking himself being ran over.

In the video, someone even shouted “Did they run over his foot?”

Source: Facebook

Responding to this incident, Shah Alam district Police Chief, Assistant Commissioner Baharudin Mat Taib confirmed that a report was received from the RELA officer and both parties will be called in to give their statement for further investigation.

Netizens had reacted furiously in response to the actions of the BMW driver. Most commented that hope that the authorities will take action against him for not following the traffic rules.

Netizens praised the RELA officer for standing up against the road bully in situation like this too!

Watch the full video here!

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