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Another massive 3D screen appears spotted near KLCC!

Social NewsAnother massive 3D screen appears spotted near KLCC!

When the first 3D screen appeared in Pavilion, Kuala Lumpur, netizens were amazed by the amazing graphic effects that the screen gives.

Recently, a netizen spotted a massive screen just opposite the Petronas Twin Towers, KLCC and to his surprise, the screen was displaying 3D and anamorphic visuals, which even appear to protrude out of the screen.

The 3D screen displays dynamic videos throughout the day, featuring several different videos. One of which is the shark swimming in a tank, before it suddenly starts charging forward. It then “breaks” the screen after pounding against the tank multiple times and cause big “cracks” to appear on screen.

Source: Youtube

Another video spotted by the netizen was a car morphing into a robotic tiger, which it later jumps out of the screen, gathering attention of passersby near the KLCC junction.

Source: Facebook

According to NST, the digital screen is actually Big Tree’s newest and largest digital out-of-home (OOH) media, known as CuBig @ KLCC Junction.

Chief Executive Officer of BigTree, Shukor Ariffin said that OOH advertising aims to captivate the mobile audience as they go about their daily routines.

“The magnitude of this screen engages extensive audiences in the city centre, especially as they wait at this key traffic light intersection.” he said.

“Audiences would be able to enjoy immersive brand experiences, potentiating talk-of-the-town campaign creativity by utilising the anamorphic or 3D capabilities of the CuBig @ KLCC Junction,” Shukor added.

Shukor also said that this will be the future of advertising on digital OOH and the online launched was named “Impulse by BigTree” and it was meant to fulfill the idea of OOH media generating awareness and influencing consumer behaviour.

Watch their introduction video here!

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