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LimKokWing University under fire for providing Unrecognised Degree

In a recent press conference organised by DAP, two student representatives from the LimKokWing University of Creative Technology (LUCT) had stood up to express concern over their future as they continue their studies in the university.

Around 800 foreign and local students from the university are now feeling helpless after they were informed that Malaysian Qualification Agency (MQA) has revoked their accreditation on numerous courses, from Bachelors, MBA (Masters of Business Administration degree) to PhD courses.

Currently, the student representatives are bringing up their 2 major concerns and they are, the inability of the university to secure accreditation for new courses as well as the revocation of accreditation for many existing sources and the Visa issues faced by international students.

“We enrolled at this university under the impression that it provides high quality education but unfortunately, this was not the case.” a student said during the press conference.

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The student also pointed out that the revocation of the accreditation is due to Limkokwing’s inability to maintain certain requirements and standards set by the relevant authorities.

For the past few years, students have been chasing the university management to take immediate corrective actions and then reapply for accreditation. Despite that, they were only given false promises and hollow assurances.

Without the accreditation from MQA, the students’ degrees were not recognised locally and internationally. This meant that the certificate the student get at the end will only have the value of a piece of paper.

In addition to that, international students will not be able to apply for jobs as the “paper qualification” will not be accepted in their home countries. What’s worse is their “qualification” will also not be considered valid for the students to further their studies.

Source: Newsweek

Student’s demands

The students has sought to request for assistance from DAP to make their case known to the public. They are urging the authorities to help resolve their issues too.

Their main requests are as follows:

1. Accreditation for their degrees

In the best case scenario, they wish that their courses were being accredited and also to graduate with the same courses they chose to enroll themselves in. they said “This is the least we ask for and we believe it is the least we deserve. If Limkokwing University is unable to ensure accreditation of our courses, we request compensation.”

2. Transfer to a different university without being forced to leave the country

In the event that the University fails to obtain accreditation for their courses, the students will requests to be transferred to another university for the same course. Some students have tried requesting for their credits to be transferred, however, they were not entertained by Limkokwing nor would their credits be accepted.

“We students request to be released from the shackles of Limkokwing, be allowed to take our time and finances elsewhere so we may continue our education at a respectable institution.”

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