Tuesday, November 29, 2022

2 Cars caught Fighting over the entrance to Toll

Social News2 Cars caught Fighting over the entrance to Toll

The “Malaysian driving attitude” is one of the things that will get on the nerves of Malaysian easily. These drivers can do all sorts of things that one could have not imagined it.

Recently, 2 cars were caught on camera for fighting over who enters the toll lane first. The video was then shared on Facebook and the cars involved in the incident were a white Corolla Altis and a blue Bezza.

While the traffic is slow moving as other drivers taking turns to pay their toll, these 2 drivers refused to give up the fight and slowly inch their way closer to the toll booth.

Source: Facebook

The driver recording the video gave a big laugh and commented “Let’s see who’s gonna win!”.

Both the drivers were slowing approaching the toll booth, neither of them are giving way until the very last second, the white Corolla Altis found an opening and slip ahead of the blue Bezza.

It can be seen that the driver from the white Corolla Altis puts his hands out of the window trying to show his anger to the blue Bezza. A loud honk follow afterwards too.

Finally, the white Corolla Altis won the battle and the blue Bezza gives his signal to get into the queue again.

As the video does not show what happened before, it is unclear what caused this situation. However, what’s confirmed is their stubbornness is real.

This act got netizens furious as they commented that both drivers do not have a single bit of tolerance. Some commented that a signal would have turn the situation better.

Despite those comments, netizens said that what’s more entertaining is the driver narrating the situation.

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