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Muhyiddin says Reduce working hours for better Work Life Balance

NewsMuhyiddin says Reduce working hours for better Work Life Balance

In conjunction to Labour day, Prime Minister, Muhyiddin has in the press conference on 1 May said that the Government is committed to uplifting the welfare of workers while saving lives and livelihoods.

Muhyiddin said that the Government will prioritise and safeguard the welfare its citizens and ensure no one is left behind. He continue saying despite the Government’s efforts to assist, there are still workers out there affected and will take much time to return to their lives before the pandemic started.

As part of the Government’s efforts to revive the economy, their first strategy is to retain jobs, the second is to protect workers’ rights and the third is to create job opportunities.

As to achieve this goal, Muhyiddin said that the Government will be implementing the following efforts to help workers weather challenges brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic.

  • The Government is in the process of improving and amending labour laws, especially the Employment Act 1955 by widening its scope of application.
  • Maternity leave will be extended to 90 days, whereas 3 days of paternity leave will be given, covering all workers from the private sector.
  • Reducing the weekly working hours from 48 to 45 hours, and introducing a flexible work schedule, covering all workers from the private sector.
  • Implementation of national job matching and employment services portal, MYFutureJobs.
  • Introduction of one-stop training centre, Upskill Malaysia.
  • Introduction of short-term employment programme, MySTEP.
  • Introduction of new learning hub called “e-LATiH“.

Muhyiddin said that the citizens’ role as a strategic partner in developing the country’s economy all this while is very important and much appreciated by the Government.

He urged the people to continue to pool their efforts to ensure that Malaysia remains peaceful, prosperous and progressive too.

What do you think about the Government’s initiative to promote work-life balance? Share your thoughts!

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