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Exposed: Malaysian Youtuber, YBB organises multiple scams on friends and the public

Social NewsExposed: Malaysian Youtuber, YBB organises multiple scams on friends and the public

The whole saga started when a Malaysian Youtuber, YBB attempts suicide and was the rescued by the members of the Fire and Rescue Department of Malaysia (Bomba).

After the incident, netizens had shared how she allegedly scammed them by selling them second hand branded bags.

Responding to the allegations, she had admitted that she had been scamming netizens while trying to sell them branded bags. However, she promised that she will turn over a new leaf and will return all the money she had scammed as soon as possible.

She even made an apology video and said what drove her do commit such an act is Gambling. She explained that she had done several wrong doings in the pass 6 months and she even borrowed from loan sharks to continue gambling.

Source: Youtube

Despite that, her friends and colleague had found her dark secrets and have gotten the evidence from her handphone. It all happens when she entrusted her handphone with one of her business partners while she was taken into custody.

The business partner, being a close friend of her has been managing the refunds for those she has scammed on selling branded bags. While he was gathering the list of people that he is to process the refund, he noticed her dark secrets, where she had through various methods scammed her friends and the public.

After knowing the truth, her friends and business partners whom have helped her several times have decide to stand up and expose her alleged crimes. There 6 mainly 6 person who’s involved in this saga (not including the public) that have went through blood and tears just for her to pay off the loan sharks.

Source: Youtube

Here’s a summary of who’s involved and how have they help her:

  • Lim Shang Jin: One of her close friends and he is a fellow Youtuber too. He has borrowed her RM18,000 to help her get through the difficulties she met in her business, and only know that it was one of the excuses she made to get him to borrow her more money.
  • Sky: Her business partner and is the earlier to know her dark secrets. He suffered reputational damages as the YBB accuses him of making her suffer humongous business loss.
  • Yii Yii: She is one of her close friends and she has lost her handphone and IC in a private event and later found out that YBB had stole it to use her identity to organise scams. She was pregnant at the time and has to rush to different places to lodge police report.
  • Charles: He is one of her close friends and had lend YBB different amount multiple times. He suffered reputational damages as YBB accuses him of not borrowing her money and claims that he rushes her to pay up the loan later.
  • Kay: A business partner and a good old friend of YBB and she has give her multiple opportunities to make money together in her business. On and off, she lends her money to help settle her situation.
  • Chord: A business partner of YBB and he has give her multiple opportunities to earn money in his business. He suffered reputational losses as she accused him of forcing her to buy up his stocks through the agreement they sign, which is a story she made up.

Towards the end of the video, Chord said that Youtubers do have significant influence and it is not right to misuse their influence to scam people. Furthermore, he commented that one should not blindly support their idol as this unconditional love will support them into carrying out their crimes in a larger scale.

Watch the full video here:

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