Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Man fed up being question for not Fasting, puts his IC on table!

Social NewsMan fed up being question for not Fasting, puts his IC on...

The Ramadan month isn’t easy for Muslims, and it isn’t so for those whose appearance look like Malay. Just having a bite or a sip of water will inevitably gather attention of the public as most will start to question them for not fasting.

Last month, a Chindian man was being treated rudely by a restaurant staff for having his meal in the restaurant. He repeatedly told the staff that he is not a Muslim and he is not fasting.

Recently, a netizen named Nick Sohide had shared a video about how his friend was fed up with all stare he got from just having a meal in public and puts his IC on the table!

His friend was believed to be an Indian, however, his appearance does resemble a Malay. To avoid the misunderstandings during this Ramadan month, he came up with this solution.

In the TikTok video, Nick said that they have just finish shopping and his friend was too hungry and decide to have a meal in a fast food restaurant. His friend left his IC on the table and he repeatedly tell him it’s fine to just eat, people will understand.

Responding to his video, netizens burst into laugher and there are many who feel him too.

Source: TikTok

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