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Man in Kelantan caught Flashing at Woman and chased after Her

Social NewsMan in Kelantan caught Flashing at Woman and chased after Her

A man was caught on CCTV for flashing at a woman on Tuesday (27 April) at Taman Limau Manis, Kota Bharu.

According to the CCTV footage, the man, wearing a green T-shirt has been wandering around the area until he spots the victim inside her car parked by the side of the street.

He spends over a minute circling the streets to make sure nobody was around. He then decides to stop his bicycle near the driver’s side of the window and approach the woman to start a conversation.

As vehicles pass by, he would stop the conversation and make circles around the victim’s car. He will then come back to the victim’s car after the streets are cleared again.

The victim was confused by the man’s behaviour and thought that he is a beggar and gives him a one ringgit note. After the man takes the money, he starts to unzip his pants.

Source: Facebook

He then continues rubbing his penis and make requests to the victim. When a vehicle was approaching, he quickly zips up his pants and rides away.

The victim sees this as an opportunity to get away from the situation. She quickly grab her things and get out of her vehicle. While circling back to the victim, the man spotted her attempts to flee and he started chasing after her.

Source: Facebook

Fortunately, other motorists notice the situation and slows down to check. This caused the suspect to be cautious and he slowly makes another turn and rides away from the scene.

A police report was lodged by the victim on the next day and Kota Bharu district police chief, ACP Abdul Rahim Daud had confirmed the case. He said that they have obtained the man’s image from the CCTV installed near the area and the case will be investigated under Section 509 of the Penal Code.

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