Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Neelofa says she’ll pay for the Burger Vendor’s compound

Social NewsNeelofa says she'll pay for the Burger Vendor's compound

TV host-entrepreneur, Neelofa has offered to pay the compound of the Burger Vendor in Kelantan after he was being slapped with a RM50,000 compound for allegedly operating past the allowed hours.

Her decision to offer assistance to the burger vendor comes after the criticism from netizens over the disproportionate fine for the burger vendor compared with the RM60,000 compound issued to Neelofa and her family over the breach of SOPs.

Many had accused the Government of practicing double standards when it comes to enforcing the law.

Neelofa had took it to Instagram stories, sharing that her management team and lawyer had contacted the burger seller for the details in order for her to help him settle the fine.

Source: Instagram

In the screenshot, it can be seen that her management had taken the initiative to contact the burger vendor and the police, and will keep everyone in the loop for updates.

“Before I posted the photo, my lawyer contacted the burger seller and we have also contacted the police to ask details of the compound, because I am offering to help settle the payment, with the grace of God.” she said.


Despite financial assistance had been provided, Kelantan state police chief, Shafien Mamat said that PDRM will review the fine issued to the burger seller as well as others in a similar predicament with a view to reducing the fine.

“Kelantan police will review the matter by opening an investigation paper and will call in those who were slapped with the compounds.” he added.

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