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Teacher under fire after making Rape jokes and claims that it’s “Sedap”

Social NewsTeacher under fire after making Rape jokes and claims that it's "Sedap"

Rape is not a joke and it should not be made into a joke.

Recently, a Malaysian student was shocked about how her physical education (PE) teacher conducted the class for sexual harassment. She shared what she had went through on Twitter and had condemned the teacher’s actions.

The class started with the PE teacher teaching about sexual harassment and how to take care of ourselves. The teacher made a couple of jokes to entertain the students, however, it slowly it became weirder and more obscene.

The lesson went out of control when the teacher said “If you want to rape someone, don’t go for those below 18 years of age. Do it to those above 18.”

The girls in the class immediately turned quiet, while all the boys were laughing. The teacher then continued that if boys become the victims of rape, it will not be reported because it feels “sedap” to them.

The student then brought it up to her counselling teacher and she expects to see that the teacher being reprimanded for his actions. Unfortunately, the reply from the counselling teacher did not address the matter of her concern.

Source: Twitter

The counselling teacher started with apologising on the PE teacher’s behalf and continue saying that boys can take jokes like this and it do not deter them. However, for girls, the joke may be sensitive to them and teenage girls are sensitive and emotional about this. It is in their nature.

Despite that, the counselling teacher said that they could meet up when class starts next week.

The student was annoyed by the reply and commented that rape should not be normalised or made into a joke. It is the teaching method that was her concern.

After what she shared gone viral, she got a rape threat from a male student. This is exactly what her concern is about, that rape should always be a no-no and be taken very seriously at all times.

The student had since then raised this awareness and have alerted several parties and authorities. She urge them to take action on this matter and she have no intentions to humiliate those that are involved.

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