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Parent leaves Child to sleep in car, then rescued by the Public

We often hear stories where children were being left in the car while the parents go for a quick shopping. This is actually a very dangerous act as ventilation in the vehicle is bad. This incident can cause a person to lose their life due to lack of oxygen, if one stay in the vehicle for too long.

Despite that, this incident is still happening, and it happen on this little girl recently. Fortunately, she was found by passersby and they’ve managed to wake her up to get her to open the door.

Passersby gathered around the car and had tried various ways to wake her up. They’ve knock on the window, shout at her and shake the car multiple times. Fortunately after multiple attempts, the little girl woke up from her slumber.

The little girl was shocked to see the public gathering around her and she was moving around clumsily to open the windows. The incident ended and the crowd had left after she opened the windows.

Netizen’s response

A netizen commented “High concentration of carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide will make people sleep and die later in sleep.”

Most of the netizens blamed the parents for this incident, saying that they should have known about this and never leave their children in the car.

Some also commended the passersby for helping out in the situation, regardless of race.

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter

Share this out and make an awareness for all parents!


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