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Malaysian Youtuber responded to her allegations of scamming Netizens

Social NewsMalaysian Youtuber responded to her allegations of scamming Netizens

After a series of unfortunate incidents happened to this Malaysian Youtuber, she is finally back and is ready to face the repercussions of her actions.

After her suicide attempt, netizens had claim that they’ve been scammed by the Youtuber while selling them branded bags, and the case just goes on and on.

After more than a week of stories unfolding, the Youtuber is back and she have made her comments regarding all the happenings while she was in custody. Early this morning (26 April), She have posted a number of Instagram stories to apologise and explain her current situation.

She even said that she is making efforts to return the money, however, she’ll need to sort out things with her financial service provider.

Her first Story

“Everything is my fault. I am willing to bear all the consequences, as well as the legal actions. I am sorry to disappoint you. I will deal with this as soon as possible and give everybody an explanation.”

Source: Instagram

Her second Story

“The past few days of not responding to these claims were not an attempt to escape from all these, but it’s because that I’ve been imprisoned for my suicide attempt. I’ve wore the prisoner’s outfit and spend my time behind the bars. I was being transferred to a psychiatric hospital and has been taking pills everyday, forcing me to not do anything that causes the negative emotions. I am unable to contact with the outside world at all and I am in deep pain, but I am reflecting on my actions.

I really want to believe that there is still love in this world, but I just wanted to cry now. It’s all my fault and I will take responsibility of it.”

Source: Instagram

Her third Story

“I’m sorry for all the people I hurt. I am truly sorry for my mother too. I swear I will turn over a new leaf.”

Source: Instagram

Her fourth Story

“The first thing that I wanted to do is to process the refund, but my bank account has been frozen due to the multiple reports. I really need some time to handle all these issues. I’m really sorry and I will think of a way to settle it. I was directly imprisoned on the day of my suicide. I was not given a chance to touch my phone to process the refund. I will share the list on WhatsApp. I will deal it as soon as possible. Please give me time. I’m sorry.”

Source: Instagram

Responding on Telegram

Apart from that, she have responded to her fans on Telegram, saying that she is truly sorry for what had happened.

“I will take all responsibilities…. The first time I received more than 1000 replies within 1 hour of story… It’s really encouraging… It turns out that there is love in the world… I am really working hard now but I am also very touched… Thank you for not giving up on me. … I will not give up my life!”

Source: Telegram

She’s now finally back on track! Kudos to her for standing back up and working her best to fix this mess!

As a reminder to everybody, seeking for help is not a sign of weakness! If you or anyone you know who are at risk of committing suicide, please reach out to them!

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