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FamilyMart Introduces New Hamburger Macaron Dessert

FamilyMart Malaysia releases a new dessert and it’ll definitely fool your eyes! This new Hamburger Macaron that looks super adorable is now available at all FamilyMart outlets nationwide.

From far, the macaron looks like an ultra-realistic burger squishy toy, or like it’s a detailed piece of art that’s cleverly made with clay. 

The macaron is layered with several ingredients to resemble the components of a typical burger.

As far as I can tell, the light sauce is made with cream cheese, the ‘lettuce’ is really coconut flakes, and the ‘ketchup’ sauce is strawberry paste.

The only component that doesn’t have a substitute ingredient is the cheese slice that’s between the ‘lettuce’ and ‘ketchup’. The ‘bun’ itself tastes like chocolate, and is sprinkled with sesame seeds on both sides.

According to FamilyMart, this new dessert is both sweet and savoury. Are you excited to try it? It really looks like an actual mini-sized burger but, it’ll be tasting sweet!


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