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Woman threatened by MP’s assistant with “I can do back you”

Social NewsWoman threatened by MP's assistant with "I can do back you"

The man said “I’m the assistant of a Member of the Parliament (MP), just wait for what’s coming next!”

The incident happened on 23 April when the netizen was frustrated with an irresponsible driver who parked his car in front of her home. As the argument got heated up, the driver claimed that he is an assistant to a MP and threatened the women that he will come back to her and seek revenge.

The netizen was frightened by the threat and immediately lodged a police report.

As reported in China Press, both parties were summoned for questioning and the case had then been settled as both parties claimed that it is an misunderstanding. They then agree on withdrawing the case and the police will not take any further action.

Source: The Star

The incident happened around 8 p.m. in Wangsa Maju, Kuala Lumpur as shared by the netizen on Facebook. She said that the driver was driving a blue BMW.

She added that she wanted to spread this around for her safety too. In case anything happened to her, people around her will know what’s happening.

Wangsa Maju Police chief, DSP Ashari Abu Samah has confirmed the case being lodged and said that it was an misunderstanding. Furthermore, both parties had reconciled and PDRM will not be involved further in this matter.

Source: ChinaPress

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