Thursday, March 30, 2023

This Man paid RM7k for his parking fee after parking through the MCO period

Social NewsThis Man paid RM7k for his parking fee after parking through the...

How much do you normally pay for your parking fee? Does RM50 makes you scream and swear to not park at that place anymore?

This netizen had to pay RM7,000 just for his parking fee after he had forgotten that he parked his car there during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period. He shared the story on TikTok and have received several comments from netizens.

Despite having to pay the humongous fee, he remained calm while recording the video. Others may have panic over the fee and would have sought for other methods to get their vehicle out from there.

He wrote “The MCO was too long that I’ve forgotten my car. Now I’m crying because of the parking fee.”

The fee is so huge that netizens who are watching the video find it difficult to believe.

Some netizens were curious about where did he park his car to accumulate such a humongous parking fee, while others came up with various methods to just get out from the parking spot.

Source: Tik Tok

Do you fine it difficult to believe if you ever get such a parking fee? Comment below!

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