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The Legendary Kancil from KL was taken away by the authorities

Source: TikTok & Facebook

One of Malaysia’s urban legend is this Legendary Kancil that somehow managed to drive along the roads, despite it having no roof, the doors fallen apart had having a flat tire. This Kancil seemed like it should be in the junkyard.

Recently, a netizen spotted this legendary vehicle making it’s journey along the roads of Kepong, KL and he have recorded the short moment that they’ve share. In his TikTok video, he wrote “Make way for the king” as the Kancil drove pass him.

He then wishes the driver to stay strong as he overtakes him and continue his journey. From the video, it can be seen that the driver’s door is hanging on a thread and will fall down anytime soon.

Unfortunately, this Legendary Kancil was taken away by the authorities this morning (25 April) for endangers the safety of himself and other road users.

The Director of the Department of Investigation and Traffic Enforcement of Kuala Lumpur, YDH DSP Mohd Fadzli Mohd Yatim, said that the traffic police recently discovered this Kancil driving on the highway in Kuala Lumpur on TikTok and launched an investigation. The vehicle and its driver was stopped in ​​Kepong at 1 a.m. today for interrogation.

Source: Facebook

He said that the police investigation found that the yellow Kancil had no roof, the door had fallen off, there was no road tax and motor insurance, and one of the tires was flat.

“The owner of the car is a 47-year-old Chinese man from Raub, Pahang. After investigation, it was confirmed that he was driving without a license.” he added.

He continue saying that the case will be investigated under Article 64 of the Land Transport Act of 1987 for not being eligible to be on the road and cause danger to other users.

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