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Malaysian earns RM1 million in 3 months for selling Sambal on Shopee!

Source: Facebook

While the pandemic had caused many businesses to shut down in Malaysia, this Malaysian made RM1 million from selling Sambal sauce on Shopee!

According to his post on Twitter, his factory currently can produce up to 4,000 cans of Sambal sauce a day and he had just meet the minimum target of producing 100,000 cans per month!

A quick check on his store in Shopee reveals that his product was sold 78,700 times and there’s even a 5 star rating on his Sambal sauce!

This Malaysian calls himself “Khairulaming” and he has opened an online store in Shopee with name “Khairulaming Brand”. His store sells only 1 product, the “Sambal Nyet Berapi”. Despite the fact that he did not give customers free shipping or cashback discounts, everyone is fascinated about his Sambal and do not mind that no discounts were offered.

Just look at the shipments he make daily, isn’t it amazing?

Source: Twitter

While some may think that he’s just lucky to have his product famous and life is easy for him, it’s just the opposite. He have experienced several mistakes and suffered losses, however, he learn from the mistakes and correct them. He even took in suggestions on how to improve the flavour of his Sambal more and hopes to bring Malaysians the best Sambal!

He added that he has to do everything on his own and this includes even photograph.

He is definitely the role model for everyone!

If you are still unaware of what his product is, it is the “Sambal Nyet Berapi”!

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