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Grab Fashionable Baju Raya For Your Furry Friend at Meowku Trading

Syawal is upon us and most of us are shopping for baju Raya to celebrate even though there is a chance that we can’t go back to our hometown this year.

But celebration still goes on within the members in our household. Surely you will be shopping new Raya clothes online if you’re not going out, you will definitely be target with numerous ads from online stores selling their latest baju raya designs.

One baju Raya shop attracted a lot attention this year and they sell a wide collection of baju Raya for your beloved kitty friends! 

Source: Meowku
Source: Meowku
Source: Meowku
Source: Meowku

According to Meowkushop, you can even have a baju Raya, custom made for your furry kids. But if you just want to buy the ones that are ready-made, they have a wide selection for those too. For the boys, there are two types of baju Melayu; the Cekak Musang and the Teluk Belanga.

Not to be left out, they even have kitty baju Raya for the girls too. Cat parents can choose either the Peplum, Kurung biasa, Kurung Kedah and Kebaya Batik for their girls.

Let your Raya at home be extra festive this year when you can wear matchy-matchy with your furry kids.


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