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Chindian Man treated rudely by Restaurant Staff for his Brown Complexion

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Everybody knows that the Muslim will fast when it is the Ramadan month.

Recently, a Malaysian visited a restaurant to grab his breakfast and he was treated rudely by the staff there despite telling them that he is not a Muslim and is not required to fast multiple times.

On 14 April, the netizen went to a famous fast food restaurant in Taman Silk, Johor Bahru to have breakfast with a friend. As usual, they went to the self-service machine to choose their own delights.

Surprisingly, a staff walk up to him and said “If you are Muslim, you cannot eat here.”

He then replied politely that he isn’t a Muslim and the staff left. He added that he almost forgot it’s the fasting month and he’s fine with the staff to get a confirmation from their customers, as it was their job to stop Muslim diners from eating on their premises during Ramadan.

While the netizen continued ordering and the same staff walked up to him again and asked “Are you sure that you are not Muslim? If you are Muslim, please just take away.”

This question started to irritate him and he replied “Yes, I’m not a Muslim.”

The staff quickly asked “What race are you?” and he told her that he’s Chinese.

Upon getting the confirmation, the staff walked away and he’s able to finish up his order and look for a seat in the restaurant.

He found a spot just opposite the counter and sat down quietly to wait for his meal. Unfortunately, the staff came again and asked “If you are Muslim, can you please just take away?”

This seriously is getting on his nerves and he took his IC out from his wallet to prove his ethnicity to her. The staff immediately grab his IC and walked back to the kitchen, leaving him furious.

He stood up and went after the staff, while saying that she can’t just take his IC like that. Fortunately, he was able to get his IC back without much complications.

Shortly after that incident, he noticed that several other staff were looking in his direction and was laughing at him. This had finally hit his limits and he went to look for the staff and asked her to call her manager out.

He then spit out the whole incident to the manager, who apologies for his unpleasant experience while dining in the restaurant. He then commented that after experiencing this, even if he’s a Muslim, he wouldn’t have been eating in the restaurant!

The netizen said that he was really disappointed with the restaurant and said that he felt that he was being treated as a criminal. He then clarified that he is a Chindian and he knows that he looked Malay, but there’s nothing he can do about his appearance.

Lastly, he wrote that that all he hoped was for the staff to learn to be more polite and to respect other human beings who walk into their store.

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