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M’sian man earning RM8k but gets disapproved by GF’s mum for earning not enough

Social NewsM'sian man earning RM8k but gets disapproved by GF's mum for earning...

There’s a saying that goes “Money causes love to fade” and this is what this poor man is currently facing.

Your first visit to your couple’s family is one of the most anxious stages in the dating cycle. Very often, the first impression you give her family decides whether you get the family’s blessing, if you are getting married with her.

Recently, a netizen had made a confession to a local Chinese radio station called MyFM, sharing his current situation about her girlfriend and her family. He said that he loved her dearly, however, her mother disapproves him for not earning enough bucks.

In the 200-word confession, he said that his girlfriend comes from a wealthy family and each car they’ve bought costs over RM200,000. Furthermore, she owned several branded watches, clothes, shoes and other branded items.

Despite that, he admitted that his girlfriend loves him and had never minded that he was not from a rich family.

He added “Every time she goes out on a date with me, she doesn’t wear famous brands or go to expensive restaurants because she is afraid I’ll be under pressure.”

“However, her mother is very different. She likes to ask me how much I earn in front of her relatives and friends. On top of that, she will embarrass me in various ways and tells her daughter to quickly find a rich boyfriend.”

The man said that her mother’s action had caused him to feel inferior and he currently feels that he is not good enough for her.

Lastly, he added that he is earning RM8,000 monthly and her mother claims that earning “only RM8,000” a month is insignificant.

“Do you understand the pressure a man faces when the woman has more money than him?”

The poor anonymous confessor

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