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MARA Chairman asks to probe on recent Sexual Harassment Claims in Schools

While netizens share their painful experience during their secondary school, most do not notice that the act is actually a form of sexual harassments. The incident had since then went viral and have alerted the authorities.

MARA chairman, Datuk Azizah Mohd Dun had told NST that they will be launching an internal investigation into the allegations of the sexual harassment that occur in MARA Junior Science Colleges (MRSM) that went viral on social media.

Source: FMTo

She added that they will take the investigation seriously and will not compromise any misconduct involving Mara staff, when it comes to the safety of students at its educational institution.

Azizah even pledged that stern action will be taken against those who have been found guilty. She said that this act is not acceptable according to the provisions of the existing regulations to ensure a conducive learning environment and safe from any threats.

“MARA will provide full cooperation to the authorities to ensure the image and credibility of its institutions is always preserved,” Azizah said.

Source: Harian Metro

Azizah responded to the calls by three women’s organisations, by urging the Ministry of Education (MOE) to set up an investigation panel with MARA on allegations of abuse and sexual harassment committed by the teachers on their students.

Many of the claims came from students who are currently studying or had studied in one of the MARA boarding schools. There are currently 53 MRSM schools in Malaysia.

Despite the calls from them, MOE had not responded to the issue, while they are open for complains on the links provided in their Twitter post.

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