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Malaysian Youtuber allegedly scammed Netizens by selling them Branded Bags

Social NewsMalaysian Youtuber allegedly scammed Netizens by selling them Branded Bags

Things had not been going smooth for this Malaysian Youtuber recently. On 17 April, she had succumb to the mental stress of the happenings around her and had attempted suicide. Fortunately, she was being rescued by firemen and taken to custody by the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

While the cause of this incident remained unknown, there were rumours that the Youtuber had been in debt. Shortly after her suicide attempt, netizens revealed that she had been scamming people by selling branded bags.

Source: China Press

Victims had been making their voices and claim that she had been selling brand-name bags at different prices. As reported by China Press, there are at least 3 victims of her scam and each said they have selected their bags and have paid upfront. Despite making payment, she have not deliver the bags to them and while being questioned, she will give several excuses or will not reply them.

The victims said that they’ve lodge a police report regarding this incident. One victim said that he’s intentions was to recover his money and do not intend to pushing her to the edge. According to the transfer receipts, they’ve each paid between RM2,000 to RM5,500 to the Youtuber.

Source: China Press & Instagram

Another netizen claimed that she had given the Youtuber RM30,000 and she said that the celebrity needed money urgently. She continue saying that she often met the YouTuber and did not expect to be defrauded of her money. She is currently collecting evidence and preparing to lodge a police report.

Last night (18th April), her family left a message via her Instagram, while explaining that the Youtuber is currently under police custody for her suicide attempt and is not able to communicate with the outside world. However, they promised to return the money, as long as they provide evidence of their purchase.

Source: China Press

The scam may have been real or it could be an misunderstanding and only the Youtuber will be able to answer all these questions. However, her emotions is currently unstable and they all hope that she recover soon.

As one victim said “There are still many friends and netizens who care about her.”

Here’s a video of one claiming to be the victim.

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