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UUM Professor criticizes MP for helping only Muslims to gain Publicity

Social NewsUUM Professor criticizes MP for helping only Muslims to gain Publicity

Giving others a helping hand should be something simple and it should come from our sincere heart.

Despite the politicizing racial issues, Malaysia is full of kind people and they are willing to help each other, regardless of race. However, these kind acts could be interpreted in a demeaning way for political purposes.

Recently, Bukit Mertajam MP, Steven Sim Chee Keong shared his story on how he helped a delivery rider who was making deliveries with a borrowed broken bicycle. This simple act of kindness had inspired many to help others in their own way and spread kindness.


However, not everyone was happy about the publicity that Steven is making and this Professor is one of them.

Dr Kamarul Zaman Yusoff, a professor from Universiti Utara Malaysia shared that “Christian Chinese” such as Steven, were only posting about their good deeds towards Malay people to get publicity. The article he wrote titled “Beza Antara Bantuan Melayu Islam dan Bantuan Cina Kristian“, which meant “The difference between the help from Muslim Malay and from Christian Chinese”.


He made a comparison between the act from Steven and another one from Pendang MP, Datuk Awang Hashim whom had also bought a motorcycle for a delivery rider.

He then pointed out that the first difference was the racial and religious contrast between the two givers.

He then continued saying that the post from Datuk Awang was short and sweet, whereas, Steven had made his post with all the details on how, when, what and so on, making it long and emotional.

“What’s different is that one only briefly states the facts of the incident along with official photos of the aid, whereas, the other narrated at length using verses meant to provoke emotions, linking it to Ramadhan, accompanied by detailed photos. This is a plan for publicity from the start.” he wrote.

“So, the Christian Chinese, Steven is praised for his kindness even though this was all his plan for publicity to fulfil a specific agenda. It’s not that there are no Chinese people or other Christian Chinese people who live in poverty, but why are Muslims selected to be sensationalised?”

Source: Facebook

Responding to Dr Kamarul’s claims, Steven had sharing that he is saddened by the interpretations of his kind act as something to gain publicity, and at the same time stirring racial and religion issues.

He added that he intends to continue helping wherever he can and this is his oath when he was elected as the people’s representative.

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