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Preacher under fire for taking photo with Sexy IG Influencers

Social NewsPreacher under fire for taking photo with Sexy IG Influencers

Recently, an Instagram influencer had uploaded a photo of herself with a preacher and have received several criticisms from the public.

The Instagram influencer involved is Nadira Isaac and she is founder of Troieka. She was heavily criticized by netizens for being too sexy while attending a Buka Puasa event.

Unfortunately, preacher Pencetus Ummah (PU) Amin, who was in the photo was involved into this matter too.

Source: Instagram

Her Instagram post had been taken down amid the public backlashes as netizens found that her dressing was too revealing and it is highly inappropriate during the holy month for Muslims.

According to the post, their intentions were to enliven the event with the invitation to PU Amin. However, they’ve not expect this to go viral and they have to issue an public apology for this incident.

Source: Instagram

Poor PU Amin, who have been dragged into this situation had responded to the photos taken too. As reported by Utusan Malaysia, he believes that he did nothing wrong or inappropriate, as he was not touching or hugging the women.

“Yes it’s true their dresses didn’t cover their aurat but what am I supposed to say? ‘No, you belong in hell’ when they asked to take a picture? The same goes for those in the transgender community who ask for a photo, am I going to say that?” he said.

“People have criticize me for smiling in the picture and putting a smile for a picture is normal. As if I’m going to make an angry face.” he added.

Source: Instagram

PU Amin also said that he had discussed with his wife and peers prior to accepting the invitation to the event and all of them said that it is a good opportunity to conduct preaching and that was exactly what he did in the event too.

He said he spoke about dressing appropriately, observing sensitivity during the Ramadan month, as well as the power and compassion of God. He added that the guests were happy and responded well to his session.

Despite explaining, he made a public apology and took to his social media regarding this matter. “I’m sorry if my actions of taking that picture were embarrassing and disgraceful,” he said.

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