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Marketing at next level: Thousands of Drones form QR code to promote Game

Tech & GamesMarketing at next level: Thousands of Drones form QR code to promote...

Remember the drones attack from Spider-Man: Far From Home? Recently, something similar happen in China, but it wasn’t for something that violent.

On 17 April, a game and entertainment company in China named Bilibili executed an insanely creative marketing strategy which involves 1,500 drones performing in the skies in Shanghai. It was to celebrate the one year anniversary of a game that they had released, called “Princess Connect! Re: Dive”.

Source: Youtube

The drones started off by depicting a player checking on his clan members and 3 characters eventually appeared and subsequently a boss fight soon ensued. The three characters started firing a few attacks and have defeated the boss.

Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube
Source: Youtube

The scene then changed to make more realistic depictions of the three characters before it turn into a QR code.

Upon scanning the QR code, it leads to the download page of the game for non-existing players. As for existing players, it will lead to the one-year anniversary package.

Source: Youtube

This insane marketing plan requires more than just creativity, but the technology to make it happen!

By putting on a drone show, people in the city will be able to see it no matter where they are and as people who have no idea about what is happening, they will be taking pictures and posting them on their social media pages, sharing this to everybody near them!

You can watch the whole video here.

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