Thursday, December 8, 2022

Malaysia Queen gets Netizen opinion for which Maggi to Buka Puasa! Curry is the Best!

Social NewsMalaysia Queen gets Netizen opinion for which Maggi to Buka Puasa! Curry...

While many thinks that the Royals to eat lavishly every single meal, the Malaysia Queen, Tunku Aziziah’s choice for buka puasa is just a simple cup noodle! However, she had some difficulty in choosing the flavour that she should eat and brought this question to her personal Instagram account.

“Which should I have for buka puasa?” she said.

Unexpectedly, netizens responded enthusiastically, with more than thousands commenting that Maggi’s curry-flavoured cup noodles is the best!

In the photo, it can be seen that in front of the golden wallpaper of the small kitchen in the palace, 12 Maggi cup noodles are stacked, including curry, laksa, tomyam and chicken flavours.

Source: Instagram

With so many different flavours place in front of her, she had a tough time to decide on which one to eat, and she open the question to all!

Surprisingly, this popular post from the Malaysia Queen immediately made it to her followers and they’ve enthusiastically leave comments, “Tom Yam is delicious!”, “My first choice is Asam Laksa!”, “Curry is the best!” Tom Yam row second, Asam laksa row third, chicken soup row last”, and netizens even shared their creative recipe which is “Curry + Asam Laksa!”

Some of her followers even asked “Is the chef taking 2 days leave?”, “No chocolate cake for today?”, some even commented “You can make murtabak maggie”, while some wrote the recipe for making pancake.

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