Friday, December 2, 2022

Expect to receive RM300 from the Malaysia Gov this coming May!

Social NewsExpect to receive RM300 from the Malaysia Gov this coming May!

Those planning to get a new phone, here’s good news for you! The Malaysian Government will provide a RM300 subsidy for your smart phone and internet packages! It is expected to be paid in this coming May too!

On March 2021, while our PM Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin announced the Government through the Prihatin program (Program Jaringan PRIHATIN) will provide RM180 to support its citizens in buying smart phone and internet packages, and the good news is the amount will be increased to RM300!

The Prihatin program (Program Jaringan PRIHATIN) should be began in March 2021 but it is delayed due to unforeseen circumstances, which The Government had then decided to launch it on May. Government will provide RM300 for B40 category people in order to help them in getting smart phone and internet package. This program mainly provide support for students, or families that have kids who are still going to school.

The handout is automatic for all BPR receivers and you need not to apply for it.

This program had approved of RM 2 billion in the budget, which is half a billion higher than the original budget of RM1.5 billion, this also meant that 6.66millions of people will benefit from this program.

The government is still in the process of preparing the application steps for people to register for this program.

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