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#KerajaanGagal is trending on Twitter as public is disappointed with the Malaysian Government

Nobody was spared by the Covid-19 pandemic once the outbreak started. It had affected Malaysians economically and emotionally and Malaysians are now blaming it on the incompetent policies from National Alliance (PN) government in handling issues such as Covid-19 and the national economy.

Netizens had come up with this trend called #KerajaanGagal and they are releasing all their frustrations on the Malaysia Government with this.

The frustrations in Malaysians grew as the government is seen as failing to tackle the Covid-19 outbreak with daily cases remaining four digits since the start of the third wave in September last year, a wave of infection which can be linked to the Sabah state election (PRN).

Source: Malaysia Kini

Malaysia had achieved its first 0 daily cases on 8 July 2020 but everything’s change after the PN government made the Sabah PRN which later saw an increase in daily cases.

While daily cases had been in thousands everyday single day during this period, the Government had taken no action to reduce the daily cases. A netizen complaints about the Malaysian Government.

Recently, the Prime Minister, Tan Sri Muhyiddin Yassin had admitted that the country does not have enough money after spending heavily on battling Covid-19. However, netizens were of the opinion that the expenditure on Covid-19 patients could have easily been avoided if strict SOPs were enforced in the first place.

However, the Government had give leeway where they find it convenient and succumb to demands made by the public, even though these demands could risk further infections.

A good example of this is that the Government allows Ramadhan bazaars to operate throughout the country.

Recently, the appointment of the deputy minister of tourism and arts and culture today also ignited the public’s anger as they were of opinion that the Government should be spending the money on something else, instead of electing a deputy minister and the position wasn’t critical to steer Malaysia back on track amid the pandemic.

Meanwhile, the use of the hashtag #KerajaanGagal also refers to the issue of rising prices of goods, low wages, compliance with standard operating procedures (SOPs) which are said to be double standard, apart from the vaccination process which is allegedly relatively slow.

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