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Irresponsible people scatter nails across the road in Sungai Petani

Social NewsIrresponsible people scatter nails across the road in Sungai Petani

While driving on the road, we’ll face several road hazards, whether it is a pothole or debris from a passing storm. While these road hazards are merely coincidences, there are some irresponsible people who decide to create even more road hazards by throwing nails on public roads in hopes of causing punctures to passing cars.

It was reported by Oriental Daily that across the road to Sungai Petani, Kedah, there were more than 1kg of iron nails being cleared by the residents around the area. It was reported that there were more than 50 vehicles got their tires punctured while they were passing by this road.

Source: Oriental Daily

The road condition was unbearable for the residents and they’ve come together to pick up the nails. They’ve use large magnets to pick them up, so as to prevent anyone from being a victim of this.

Over a few days of work, they’ve gather around 1kg of nails on the road. The residents even commented that they do not understand the ill intentions of the irresponsible person who did this.

Source: Oriental Daily

Unfortunately, they’ve got no idea who did it and they’ve only got the option to work together to clear the road. They even say that there were no police station in the area and they would need to lodge the police report in the police station next town.

Source: Oriental Daily

To all road users out there, please do make sure that you pay full attention while on the road to avoid any mishaps from happening! 

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