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Gambling company under fire for Raya-themed Gambling ads

Social NewsGambling company under fire for Raya-themed Gambling ads

Everybody knows that gambling is prohibited among the Muslims and this Gambling ads had just went overboard by creating a Raya-themed advertisement.

The Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) has recently made complaints to various social media companies to remove a Raya-themed advertisement made by a gambling website from their platforms.

The ads has gone viral on Twitter just within few hours of its release and had received several negative comments from netizens, while claiming it “offensive” and “insulting”.

Source: Twitter

The ads is presented in a music video format where Muslims in Malaysia are encouraged to place bets through the gambling website in order to earn money for Hari Raya celebrations.

According to the official website of the Mufti of Federal Territory, it is clearly stated that “Gambling” is prohibited according to the Quran, hadith and scholarly consensus.

MCMC in a statement on April 16 said gambling activities and online gambling promotions are subjected to Common Gaming Houses Act 1953 which is under the jurisdiction of the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM).

Source: Youtube

“Since March 12, 2021, MCMC has also operated fast-track restrictions by enabling the PDRM to instruct Internet service providers to block access to websites that violate the law under the same Act,” the commission said to The Star.

MCMC had communicated with Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to remove the ad in accordance with the terms of service as well as community standards set by each company.

MCMC added that the parties involved in the making of the ad such as the production team and actors shouldn’t have taken part in such activity to promote online gambling, while it is clearly an offence under the Act.

“Content production is subject to the Communications and Multimedia Content Code to be complied with by those involved with the production and distribution of content. In the freedom to provide content, providers should follow a content code that conforms to the norms of Malaysian society,” MCMC said.

MCMC also reminded that the public should report contents with offensive material such as promoting online gambling directly to the authorities instead of sharing the content and making it viral.

“The act of disseminating the content will only directly help the parties involved in spreading their message to promote online gambling which can be detrimental to Malaysian society,” MCMC said.

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