Thursday, December 8, 2022

Thief steals a Woman’s car at the traffic light and Malaysians join forces to chase him down

Social NewsThief steals a Woman's car at the traffic light and Malaysians join...

While racial issues are keeping us from uniting, this does not stop us from uniting when someone needed help.

Recently, a video had been circulating on Facebook had went viral and it is a story about a group of individuals join forces to chase down a thief that tried to steal a woman’s car in the broad daylight.

The incident happened at a traffic light in Sri Petaling and the victim had been pulled out of her car while the traffic turns red. She tried to get back into the car but she was startled and was unable to react properly. She then indicate to other drivers that she need help.


The thief then tries to drive away with her Honda City and the four other cars pursue him attempting to corner him. They have fail once but their determination are strong and have continue their pursuit.

In another video, it shows that the four cars have successfully cornering the thief, with 2 in front, 1 at the side and 1 behind.


The driver then gets down from his car and pulls the suspect out of the Honda City. He didn’t forget to pull the brakes on the Honda City too as it was probably still in gear.

The suspect doesn’t try to run away, so the man pins him to the ground and sits on top of him while the other drivers get down to handle the situation. The victim also gets down and they all gather around the suspect.


The story ended here and it wasn’t clear if a police report was lodged. However, this story truly shows that Malaysians will unite and help each other, regardless of race!

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