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Malaysian Youtuber throws RM10k around Bukit Bintang, calls it a #Challenge

Social NewsMalaysian Youtuber throws RM10k around Bukit Bintang, calls it a #Challenge

The pandemic has caused many to lose their job and while the economic recovery in Malaysia remained unsatisfactory, money is still a huge problem for everyone.

On 9 April, Wire Putus YouTube channel had released a video with title “Baling 10 ribu ringgit kat orang awam” or can be translated to “Throwing RM10k at the public”. Just within a few days, the video had garnered over 5k dislikes and over 2k of negative comments from the public.

Source: Youtube

The team behind this Youtube channel had exchanged RM10,000 worth RM1 notes and throw them up in the skies in public places, including in the middle of a busy road in Bukit Bintang, asking passersby to stop and pick up the money.

They even called this a #Challenge and said that the video was sponsored by Aquos.

While they were throwing money in front of Pavillion mall, the security guards there had approached the channel crew and ask them what they are doing and they replied “We wanted to give people money”.

“You can’t do that here, this is private property,” the security guard replied.

They then continued throwing money while they are crossing the streets and asked the people in the area to pick them up. They even shouted “Ini macam rakyat Malaysia!”.

This act had caused some traffic and it can be heard that cars are honking while people ran onto the road to pick up the money.

They could have intended to donate the money to the needy, however, this isn’t the proper way to do it and the method was ill-received by the general public.

Most commented that their actions are demeaning Malaysians as it gives the impression that Malaysians are begging for money. Some even commented that they only wanted publicity.

Source: Youtube

Alternatively, they could have donate it to the homeless or orphans. Especially during this fasting month, many out there don’t have enough money to buy supplies and we should be sensitive towards their hardships and help where we can.

What do you think about this?

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