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Always request for the Receipt when Shopping, Cashier caught deceiving customer with this trick

Social NewsAlways request for the Receipt when Shopping, Cashier caught deceiving customer with...

Do you normally pay attention to the price of the items while the cashier is scanning for all the goods? Or do you check the receipt when the cashier tells you how much to pay?

Recently, a netizen went shopping at a grocery store and while it was her turn at the counter, the cashier suggested that she will get a free plastic bag if she choose not to take the receipt.

Without thinking further, she took the offer and the cashier took her calculator and started calculating the bill. She told her that the total was RM44.20 and she was surprised with the amount as she has only bought a few items.

She did not suspect anything at first and as she does not have enough cash on hand, she requested to pay with a debit card. The cashier then blamed her for not telling her earlier because she had to scan the goods if she wants to pay with card.

Source: Sin Chew


After the cashier scanned for the goods, the final bill was out and it was only RM29.40. This is very different from the amount which was told previously.

The netizen in her post said that she doesn’t want to further pursue the matter, however, this serves as a reminder for the public to avoid being deceived by irresponsible employees. She said that the management of the store had contacted her and apologise to her.

Furthermore, she hopes that the cashier will be dismissed for this and says that she deserve a second chance.

In addition to that, Ministry of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs (KPDNHEP) said that they have conduct investigations into the store and found that all goods have a price tag and every transaction has been scanned and receipt is provided to the customer.

Source: Facebook

Furthermore, it is reported that the management of company takes this matter seriously and have checked all the closed circuit television and have launched an internal investigation regarding the cashier.

As a reminder to everyone, please to reminded to request for the receipt for your purchase as it is evidence when a situation appeared.

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